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May 31, 2013 Fido No Comments

Competing in the Wildflower triathlon is difficult. <– This is an understatement. But it’s worth it because of the real fun that happens back at camp and on the way home.

When leaving Lake San Antonio on Sunday morning, we decided to take a leisurely trip over to Highway 1 (read: very hilly and very switchback-y) and then up the coast. When asked about the best place to stop for food/drinks, I couldn’t decide. We opted to make it a progressive endeavor. One stop was at Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing. Unlike the rest of us, Miles had a lot of spring in his step and I’m so delighted that Melanie got this shot of him!


A Year as Ours

December 30, 2012 Family, Fido No Comments

It was a year ago that we brought Miles home. At ~6 pounds, this red ball was a formidable competitor.

Now, at 72 pounds, he’s barely interested.

He took immediately to clicker training and was sitting on command before he even had a name.

Miles is still a sucker for a treat and knows that good things happen to boys who sit politely.

He’s has proven to be a very good and smart boy. I am happy to report that he hasn’t rolled in single pile of poo or dead animal in the year we’ve had him! He travels well and loves to be included in all our adventures. He is a good runner, loves swimming, and chases us on mountain bikes on the trails. A true tri-dog! He loves his Chuck-It balls and can fit three balls in his mouth now, which he shows off by prancing around the dog park. A favorite game is for him to drop a ball down the basement stairs while I’m down there. I toss it back up to him and he catches it in his mouth and sends it down again.

We feed him mostly a raw diet, which he loves. It’s good for his coat and teeth, too. He loves carrots and apples as snacks, something Argus wouldn’t even touch. I think the only thing I’ve found he doesn’t like is strawberries. He has the UPS man trained to bring him treats along with our packages. He likes his crate, but we wake up most mornings with Miles wedged between us at a 90* angle. He is very affectionate and welcomes hugs and kisses without fuss. He insists on sitting on my lap in the driver’s seat wherever we go.

It has been a wonderful year with Miles as our companion. Time flies when you’re having fun!


How’d He Do That?

November 25, 2012 Family, Fido No Comments

I woke to the sound of a frantic dog barking yesterday morning. Greg had just returned from taking Lola and Miles to the dog park. He let Miles off the leash first while he wrangled with the harness he had put on Lola. He heard a bit of a scuffle in the backyard, and assumed it was Miles chasing the squirrels off the deck.

He was right. When he came around the corner, this is what he saw:

Our dog is on the neighbor’s garage roof. No big deal.

Apparently he followed the squirrels up there. How? We can only guess… One thing was for sure — getting down would be much more difficult.

When I got outside, prepared to admonish Greg for allowing Lola to bark so incessantly, this is what I saw:

Greg had crawled up there (using a ladder, obviously) and put a harness on Miles. There was a lot of contemplation going on as to how we could get this 73-pound dog off the roof without injuring him or ourselves in the process.

Finally, we decided to move the ladder to the neighbor’s side of the fence. I went over there (in my pajamas and slippers), where I found my sweet neighbor in her pajamas. Greg was able to carefully lower the dog down and I collected him, only getting slightly clobbered by his gangly limbs.

It was quite an adventure for 8 AM on a Saturday! The question now is whether we’ll find him up there again…


Lola Loves Water

November 4, 2012 Fido 1 Comment

Miles has a best friend. Her name is Lola.

She was a showgirl.

Sorry. It had to be done.

Lola loves water. No matter where it comes from — lake, ocean, her own water dish… She seems to especially  love water that comes from the hose, as evidenced by this:

YouTube Preview Image

Greg was spraying some yuck off the deck and Lola couldn’t resist. Miles can’t figure out why she doesn’t run away crying, mirroring his own fear of The Horrible Thing That Sprays Cold Water. Greg and I can’t stop laughing.


Daily sMiles

September 28, 2012 Fido No Comments

Drinks from a bike bottle like a pro. IronDog in training!


Daily sMiles

August 18, 2012 Fido No Comments

Begging me to give him the cardboard box, he promised he’d make a super cool fort we could play in all day.



Daily sMiles

May 9, 2012 Fido No Comments

Our buddy Pete took Miles to Fort Funston while we were off celebrating Sarah‘s wedding.

He seems pensive.

And more obedient than a puppy should be.

There is a race report coming. I’m still trying to figure out if it went well or not…


Daily sMiles

February 13, 2012 Fido, Fun No Comments

We went to Tahoe for the first time this year. I bought a season pass to Squaw Valley back in May and it has been burning a hole in my pocket[book].

As nice as the weather has been here for training purposes, I was craving some true winter play. There wasn’t a lot of new/fresh snow, but the snow that was there was really great. Fast and cold and a lot of fun. Best of all, no crowds!

Miles had a great time, too!

Look how big he’s getting! Several sources indicate that a good estimate of a dog’s adult weight is to double his weight at 4 months. I smell a contest!


Daily sMiles

January 31, 2012 Fido No Comments

I take Miles with me on my childcare gigs. It’s great for him to learn his boundaries, and the parents want their kids to be around a dog/puppy without taking on the responsibility themselves. Win-win!

He does get frustrated when the two-year-old does not want to play with him. Last week, we found a suitable playmate in her backyard. Take a look:

YouTube Preview ImagePriceless! He and “Pinky” played like that for 20 minutes straight. And then he crashed hard into a long nap. Ahhhh, puppyhood.


Daily sMiles

January 23, 2012 Fido No Comments