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After spending nearly 30 years in the Midwest, several forces urged me to pack everything I owned into a truck and move west. From Lenox to Cedar Falls to Kansas City to Russian Hill to San Mateo, I have found my home: the San Francisco Bay Area.

It’s rare to find me sitting still. I spend a good portion of my time in training — swimming, biking, and/or running for any given triathlon. I became an Ironman in Canada in 2012. Babies and dogs are drawn to me and I’m lucky enough to be paid to spend time with them. I drink wine. I cook. I clean. I garden. I write. I make jewelry. I help men dress better. I practice yoga. I travel, often in the Sprinter van my husband converted into a camper.

I am a friend, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a doggy-lover, an athlete. You might say I am a casserole – many individual things combined to create a satisfying hot dish. How’s that for a Midwest upbringing?!

Whether you meant to or not, you have found the elusive F-spot. I write about the things I care about, and it turns out many of those things are F-words: fitness, food, friends, fun, family, fertility, my own “Fido,” fear and fashion. My intention is to provide a little entertainment, to offer a little insight, and to interact with my readers — even feature content from readers who have something to share with everyone.