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Good Samaritans Exist

October 26, 2017 Freewheeling No Comments

If you see something, say something!

I was riding my bike out of the town of Lun, Croatia (on the island of Pag) today and saw four kids grappling with one another. Two of them were really going at it – a boy and a girl. The other two boys were half-heartedly throwing rocks and hitting the other boy with a stick. I was climbing a steep grade, so I had plenty of time to observe them.

By the time I reached them, it was very clear they were not just playing. The one boy was a couple of years older than the others (maybe 12-13 to their 10-11) and he was swinging the girl around by her hair. She got in a few good kicks and punches, but he had a clear advantage in size. I got off my bike and asked if everything was okay. They didn’t speak English, but one of the boys looked at me with big eyes and shook his head no.

I yelled for the older boy to stop and walked toward him to pull him off by his backpack. He let go of her and brushed past me, heading up the hill. The other boys yelled at him as he walked away and I helped the girl to her feet. I brushed her hair away from her crying face and offered her water from my bike bottle. I helped her put her backpack on and the three of them walked down the hill without another word.


Glad I stopped to help these young people instead of assuming they were just playing around.

Trust your instincts!


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