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January 12, 2015 Fido 1 Comment

Here is Miles at the beach in Santa Barbara on January 2. He’s been struggling with a limp for the last month and we had to separate him from his best friend, Mr. ChuckIt, while we figured out what was wrong with him. We let him play with his ball for awhile as the sun set that day and he was sooooo happy. Reunited, and it feels so good!

Before the limp, he was capable of running 5+ miles most days. We have no idea what happened, but all-of-a-sudden he was unable to walk around the block without limping like a 3-legged dog. On one afternoon walk to the market, we made it about three blocks before it was clear that he could go no further. I had to tie him up and run back home to get the car to pick him up. I was in tears! Many vet appointments were made. Many hundreds of dollars were paid. No answers were found.

Of course, a limp that won’t go away had us VERY nervous…¬†Finally, after 6+ weeks, the limp has resolved. We still don’t know what was wrong with him, but we are assuming it was an overuse injury of some kind because resting it seemed to do the trick. We’re working to increase his endurance again, and he’s glad to be back to his swim/hike/run lifestyle!


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  1. tabitha says:

    I’ve heard large dogs should not be running such long mileage as it can cause fractures that welcome cancer. God forbid. In fact, large breed pups should not even be ‘run’ until past 2 yrs of age. Something to do with causing damage to their joints while in growth stages. Surprised a vet hasn’t informed you of that. I would say keep the running of distances to you and your partner (two legged.) Keep the canines out of distance running!

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