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Bullet = Dodged

March 11, 2013 Fido No Comments

We dodged a bullet last week.

I woke up at 5:45 and was surprised to not find Miles wedged in between me and Greg. I found him on the couch, taking up as much space as possible and quite content. I laid down with him to say good morning and he greeted me with kisses. And then he began the unmistakable heaving that precedes vomiting.

I jumped up and said as quietly and convincingly as possible, “Let’s go! Let’s go! Outside! Outside! Outside!” He ran with me to the back yard and began the heaving again. Which produced this:

What, you don’t recognize it? It’s one of those mini tennis balls. It’s just that the felt material is coming off and the entire thing is beginning to disintegrate.

Labradors are notorious for swallowing things that get caught in the stomach or, worse, the intestines. Every vet loves to recount the cautionary tales of socks/underwear having to be ┬ásurgically removed. THIS IS A TENNIS BALL!! It clearly wasn’t going through the intestines, so we’re lucky that it came out the other way. The bullet we dodged has to be worth $5K and possibly our dog’s life.

Oh, did I mention that this ball has been bouncing around in his belly since February 16? Yeah, we went over to the beach in Half Moon Bay that day and he found this ball on the beach. Miles was prancing around with this ball + his two regular-size Chuck-It balls in his mouth. He “lost” this one and we figured/assumed/hoped he just discarded it somewhere along the beach because it wasn’t one of his favorites. Nope. He was carrying this tag-along for ~3 weeks before it came up.

I also am very grateful that what he vomited up was not cat poop or ┬ásome other vile matter, considering all the kissing that was going on immediately before it came up…

Unrelated: Doesn’t our fake lawn look so real? We love it!


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