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Insignificant Kindnesses (Revisited)

February 20, 2013 Family, Food No Comments

Remember that whole Insignificant Kindness thing? I had forgotten, too… But today I was the recipient of a kindness and it smacked me over the head. A very small gesture, but it was so thoughtful.

Every evening after dinner, I pack my lunch for the following day. It’s usually leftovers from dinner, which was the case last night — Thai Chicken Enchiladas. DELICIOUS. Seriously. Make these.

I fixed dinner, ate dinner, packed my lunch, and cleaned everything up before retiring to the couch with my glass of wine and dark chocolate peanut butter cup. Life was good. The alarm went off at 5:28 this morning and I dutifully rose and got myself to the gym for a 6 AM boot camp class. I got to work by 7:45 and got an IM from Greg at 8:45, asking if I had gotten his text message. I had not; my phone was still buried in my gym bag.

I checked my messages and my sweet husband had texted me at 7:07 AM to let me know that I had forgotten my lunch and he had dropped it off on the picnic table outside my office on his way to work. At this point, I was still working on breakfast and had no idea that I had forgotten my lunch. But I can’t tell you how pleased I was that he had taken this detour to deliver my lunch to me! I was especially pleased when lunchtime rolled around and I heated up these delicious enchiladas instead of going to the corner deli for a cold turkey sandwich.

This was a timely reminder to look for the good. Celebrate the good. Reciprocate the good.

Go forth and be kind to one another, my friends!


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