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Just Like Riding A Bike

December 28, 2012 Friends, Fun 1 Comment

I went to a holiday party last week. It was not your typical holiday party. Upon arriving, the host broke a cascarone over my head. GAME ON.

I was then greeted by a menagerie of percussion instruments, each to be used in the sing-along that would be happening that night. In addition to the claves and cabasa, there was a piano and I heard rumors of a stand-up bassist who would be arriving later. I looked down and saw a trumpet. Inspired by my high school band days, I picked it up and busted out an off-key scale. (Let’s not think about the mouthpiece…)┬áThe other party guests took a new interest in me as someone who might contribute something other than shaking a tambourine.

We sang and played until 2 o’clock the next morning. The hangover I suffered until 3 PM the next day was well-worth the fun I had.

Jingle all the way!



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  1. Monica Miranda says:

    Cascarone!! I haven’t been “cascaroned” in ages. Thanks for bringing those childhood memories back to the present. Also, please tell me were I can get your latest solo trumpet album….

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