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August 25, 2012 Freewheeling 2 Comments

As I mentioned, Greg worked tirelessly to get The Van ready to go for our trip to Penticton, BC for Ironman Canada. He comes home from his day job and goes immediately to work in the driveway. He has a vision of what he wants and sets out making it into reality. A few of these ideas have been “fine” for a first attempt, but we are on v2.0 with several things.

I have been pleasantly surprised with all of the seemingly minor things he is doing that really make traveling in The Van more comfortable. Here are a few of the things he has been working on:

Bed 2.0: The original bed setup was kind of an “accordion” mechanism that folded into itself above the cockpit. This meant we were sleeping on camping-style sleeping pads and it was a real hassle to set it up and take it down. He upgraded the sleeping quarters to a much more comfortable solution, complete with a custom-cut 6″ memory foam mattress. It stays intact and half of the bed slides out on tracks to make it the full length. He even installed a “pull-up bar” to make it easier to get into and out of. Luckily we are fit people. Maneuvering in this van takes a fair amount of athletic ability in itself…

Cabinets 2.0: He installed the cabinets a few months ago using pre-fab frames and custom-built interiors and doors. They look sleek and are very functional — they open up and stay open, and they lock shut. He recently upgraded them so that the ones on the right side extend all the way to the back wall. This added more storage space and cleaned up the space above the countertop/stove. He also installed three electrical outlets, perfect for charging devices and powering the immersion blender for smoothies.



Toilet 2.0: He upgraded the toilet to a compost model. The clean-up is MUCH better. I’m taking his word for that one… I’ve (luckily) never had to do it.

Skylight 2.0: He added a wind deflector to the skylight to help with noise and aerodynamics. It also improves the look of things up there.

Sink/Stove/Fridge: We have running water in the sink thanks to a 26-gallon tank + on-demand pump housed under the van. The two-burner stove runs on propane, which is housed in a nifty little box he designed as part of the countertop system. The fridge is probably my favorite feature of the van. It locks into place under the countertop when not in use, then slides out and opens like a chest cooler.

Roof Rack: He designed, built, and installed a roof rack to accommodate for extra storage. Since we are transporting a third bike for Kidder to use at the race, he also attached a fork mount on the rack. Not only is it functional, it looks pretty bad ass with all three bikes on board.

Nav/Media Center: He designed and built this tablet holder + phone mount to have his music and navigation tools at his fingertips. The audio system is set up for Bluetooth integration, so the phone can be streaming Pandora or playing his personal music through the stereo speakers while the tablet is navigating. Pretty handy.

It was a 23-hour trip to Penticton from San Mateo (longer than anticipated because of swim breaks for Miles and because we drove 130 miles out of our way. I’ll save that story for another time…). The Van performed flawlessly and made it pretty enjoyable. When we got hungry, I’d make my way to the back to fix sandwiches or grab a beverage. We rolled into a campsite on Diamond Lake Wednesday night at 8 PM, I heated up dinner in about 10 minutes, and we slept under the stars (under the skylight) until 6 AM the following morning. It took about 30 minutes to put everything back together and we were on the road again.

I just love it when a plan comes together!


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  1. Jane says:

    Kudos to the G-man: van outfitter extraordinaire!!! And, good luck to you both tomorrow!

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