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Wine (charms) On Wednesday

May 2, 2012 Friends, Fun No Comments

My friend Tara and I drank some wine on Sunday afternoon. But wait! We were being productive at the same time — making wine charms. Sunday Funday = YES! I can’t take full credit, it was Tara’s idea. She wants to present each of the girls at her sister-in-law’s bachelorette party this coming weekend with her own wine charm.

She sent me a picture as inspiration and asked if we could make it happen. Yes. Yes, we can. I happen to work at a place that provides the tools to do this exact thing. Jewelry making materials aren’t just for jewelry making, you know. We bought what we needed and then went to work making them using the techniques we learned from the Stamping on Metal class at Beaducation.com.

I haven’t shown much proficiency in making actual jewelry, but these were fun and easy:

What do you think? Tara and I are looking at instituting “Craft Day” once a month just because it was so much fun. (And so that we’ll have something to show for our day drinking…)



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