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Wildflower Long Course: Never Again

May 13, 2012 Fitness 2 Comments

I survived!

I guess I did more than that, depending on what standards you’re looking at. But that run has certainly left a very bad taste in my mouth. And I think I’ve been sleepwalking through this entire week…

To answer your question — no, I wasn’t about to poop my pants…but it sure looks like it from my gait.

Swim: 33:02
T1: 4:44
Bike: 3:14:56
T2: 4:32
Run: 2:18:06

TOTAL: 6:15:20 (14/75 among W35-39)

What I mostly can’t believe is that the training has, in essence, just begun. We have 15 weeks until Ironman Canada. This was a much-needed recovery week and I finally feel rested enough to not vomit when I think about running. I actually had a really good ride yesterday (that wasn’t flat) and a relatively fast 5.3 mile run today. RUNNING WITHOUT HILLS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

I’ll have more photos and such this week. Thanks for all the well-wishes!


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