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And… we’re back!

April 6, 2012 Fun 1 Comment


I changed my hosting provider from GoDaddy to Network Solutions and it took over three weeks to make the transition. It also took 10 calls to Technical Support (each on-hold wait time lasting longer than 30 minutes). My buyer’s remorse brought tears more than once. I want to publicly apologize to the [non-]Tech Support people who heard my wrath, and my husband who endured it all.

As it turns out, no one in Technical Support could help me. Not without charging me $59.99 to have the “really technical” people help me. And those people are only available M-F, 9-5 EST. I refused to pay. I dug my heels in and resolved to do it myself.┬áThis is not hard, people. Move files. Move database. Point domain to new location. Done.

After countless hours of searching forums for nuggets of wisdom on what I was missing, begging Greg to reallocate his free time to this project (which he graciously did), and asking everyone I knew for help — I broke down. I pinged my new boss’ husband (who is our company IT guy) to see if he um…happens to…um… know anything about this sort of thing. It took him many unpaid hours to debug everything. My content is at least showing now, but you can see that the format/design is still wonky. I’m looking at it as the Universe’s way of telling me I needed a new look.


Sorry for the interruption in service. I hope you’re still out there, dear readers!! I’m categorizing this as “fun,” but you can see the irony in that…


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  1. So glad you’re back. And so glad that I didn’t ask you why during your tribulations!

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