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This is a stick-up!

February 9, 2012 Fear, Fun 5 Comments

I was minding my own business this afternoon, working busily on a spreadsheet at my desk. (It has been a great first week on the job!) My mobile phone vibrated to indicate an incoming call. It was from a local number, but I didn’t recognize it and didn’t answer. I waited a few minutes and checked the voicemail.

Expecting it to be a wrong number, I wasn’t really listening until she got to the part about being a lieutenant with the DEA and that a package has been confiscated with my information on it. There is a warrant out for my arrest.

I was instantly sweating, racking my brain for some illicit activity that I had forgotten about and was now catching up with me. Nothing. My drug of choice is wine, and that’s legally shipped in/to California… I looked around the office. My coworkers were minding their own business, unaware that I was panicking.

I logged into my personal Gmail account to IM with Greg, letting him know that the house would be ransacked when he got home and I’d be wasting away in a women’s correctional facility. He would be on his own for dinner. He reassured me that everything would be fine and that he’d bail me out if it wasn’t too much money. Har-dee-har-har.

One of my coworkers walked by and I must have given her the deer-in-the-headlights look as she acknowledged me. She asked if everything was okay. (I work with really nice people!) I told her what had transpired and that I was freaking out a little bit. By this time, three other coworkers were at my desk to get in on the action.

Honestly, my biggest concern was that it was a mistake of some sort, but that I’d be dragged into an investigation to clear my good name and all the bullshit and time that would go along with that. This isn’t exactly the best first impression to make with a new employer…

We listened to the voicemail over and over again, surmising it was a scam, but couldn’t find anything with a reverse number lookup. The DEA does not make a courtesy phone call to give you a head start on your way out of the country, right? We finally called the number back using my work phone and then Googled the lieutenant’s name. That’s when all the search results on scam info came up. WHEW!

The episode did add a little excitement to the afternoon. I’m looking at it as a bonding experience with my coworkers. A few others shared their best (worst?) scam stories, and my adrenal glands finally calmed down. Fun times!

Have you ever been scammed? What was the pitch?



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  1. Caryn says:

    Whew! Scary indeed but yeah, unless it’s the lieutenant is part of the Fremont PD they don’t call you to give you a head’s up! Remind me to tell you the story of the over friendly owner of Subway in Fremont whom I worked for in HS that sold his business and left the country when the Fremont PD mishandled a case.

    I’ve only been scammed in SF walking to BART at night. Typical couple saying they lost their wallet and needed money for BART fare home. I didn’t believe them but being alone on a street at night…I opened my wallet and gave them $10 to disappear.

    If you ever end up in jail maybe your one call should be too me. I’ll bail you out and then send Greg the bill. :-)

  2. Ryan says:

    What was the actual scam that they were running? Trying to get you to send money?

    Also – who has wine shipped INTO California? That’s like living in New York and ordering bagels from Kentucky.

  3. I haven’t been the subject of a scam – other than those Nigerian princes who keep knocking at my email door… But an ex-boyfriend got a call from one of those high pressure investment opportunities like the ones shown in that movie The Boiler Room. We had just watched the movie a couple of weeks before and it described how scam investment houses would try to bully people into high stakes, super risky stock investments.

    • Patty says:

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