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February 2, 2012 Fear, Fitness 1 Comment

I did not do today’s workout because I wanted to. It was a beautiful day and I had a nice dog to run with. I woke up and instantly put my running clothes on — ready to go! But that didn’t make it any easier getting myself out the door. In fact, I didn’t actually go on that prescribed run until 2:30 PM. And I was ‘dressed and ready to go’ at 7:30 AM.

As I think about it now, I don’t want to do tomorrow’s workout. It’s a low-mileage speed workout on the bike. The forecast is sunny with high temp of 63*F. Ideal, really.

Of course, I’ll do it.

I do each day’s workout not because I WANT to, but because of what I DON’T WANT: I don’t want to look like an asshole and feel even worse than that on race day.

See you out there tomorrow! And the next day, hey!


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  1. katie says:

    amen to that – sometimes race day is the only thing that will scare me into my running clothes and out the door!

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