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Not Ideal

January 8, 2012 Fitness, Friends 2 Comments

My friend Tina enjoys shopping at Nordstrom. I take that back. She loves shopping at Nordstrom. She is what one would refer to as a VERY GOOD CUSTOMER.

Tina was such a good customer in 2011, in fact, that she was invited to their “Winner’s Circle.” (I am pretty sure it isn’t called this. But what she was offered reminds me a lot of what the casinos in Las Vegas do for their VERY GOOD CUSTOMERS.)

Being part of the Winner’s Circle has its benefits. Among other things that I don’t even know about because I have spent less than $20 at Nordstrom in the past two [unemployed] years, she got a Spa Party where she and three friends could choose two custom spa treatments each, in addition to a cosmetics makeover and complimentary lunch at the Bistro Cafe.

She chose me to join her! What a treat!

Yesterday was a fabulous afternoon, to say the least. Lunch was decadent and full of laughter. And booze. We made our way to the spa just before our appointment times. I chose a hot stone massage and a facial. I’ve only had one facial in my whole life and someone else recommended that one to me, so I didn’t really know what I was ordering this time around.

I got changed into my robe and slippers and joined our other friends in the Foot Soak Area. A nice woman put a bamboo bowl under my feet and poured hot water with bath salts in, washing my sins stress away. I was then whisked away for my massage. It was blissful. I get a massage every month as part of my triathlon training/recovery. Those massages are not so much about relaxing as they are about hard work. Like, dig your elbow into the knots in my shoulder blades until I cry uncle. Hurts so good, right?

This massage was not like that. I purposely chose a massage that was not deep tissue, but long relaxing strokes with plenty of heat. It was perfect. I spent another minute in the Foot Soak Area before I was whisked to my facial. The nice esthetician got right to work, asking if I’d ever had a facial and what my current skin care regime is. Typical stuff. Then she begins to apply something wet to my face saying, “This is going to sting. On a scale from 1-10, let me know if the pain gets to be about a 6.”

What the hell did I sign up for?

As this is stinging the shit out of my face, she asks if I’ve ever had a chemical peel. Ah. That explains it. I picture Jack Nicholson falling into the vat of acid in Batman and wonder if I’ll come out of this tiny room as The Joker.

Admittedly, a bunch of girlfriends and I did a peel at home once, but I’m not sure if that counts. Too late now anyway. The 90 seconds of level-6-stinging is up. As she’s rubbing soothing stuff on my face she says, “Don’t go in the sun for a couple of weeks.”

This is not ideal. Ironman training has officially begun. I had already scheduled a 35-mile bike ride for Sunday and the weather forecast shows nothing but sunny skies all week. Just as I’m reassuring myself that I’ll make this a swim-centric week, she mentions, “And don’t go anywhere near chlorine. It’ll sting like hell.”

Also not ideal.

Finally, I gathered the courage to ask if my face is going to be red and scaly and peel off in sheets (as I’ve heard about). BY THE WAY, I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW ON TUESDAY. Thankfully, this isn’t that kind of peel. So I’ve got that going for me.

I asked what I should do if I would find myself (ahem) in a situation where I have to (ahem) be in the sun. She said to slather on the sunscreen…otherwise I’ll get sun spots. This is probably one of the worst threats someone can make to a 37-year-old woman.

Alas, today was a gorgeous day and there was no way I was missing out on a ride with a good friend just because my face no longer has its outer most layer of epidermis. We shall ride!

About an hour before the ride, I applied my first so-thick-I-look-like-a-ghost layer of SPF 110 sunscreen (with zinc). That absorbed within a few minutes and I applied another round. I did this two more times before we left. We were out about 2 hours and I don’t think I did any permanent damage. My face looked a little red when I got back, but I think that was just from the wind and exertion. It looks and feels great now. I think I’ve dodged a bullet.

At least until tomorrow, when I’m prescribed to do an 18-mile ride. And there’s a swim scheduled for Tuesday. I guess we’ll see what hell stings like, right?


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  1. katie says:

    chemical peel sound slike OUCH! how was the swim?

    • Molly says:

      Contrary to what she said, the skin on my chin and forehead did peel off in sheets. Which, obviously, looked awesome at my interview on Tuesday. (still happy to report that I rocked it and got called back for Round 2!!)

      I waited until Wednesday to swim and it didn’t sting or burn, but it obviously didn’t help with the moisture issues… My face felt like it was cracking off all day. Things are much better today! :-)

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