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Meet Miles!

January 2, 2012 Fido 5 Comments

Here’s our sweet boy – Miles!

Yep, all ~6 pounds of him.

This furball is a Lab mix (mama is pure yellow Lab, dad is black Lab/collie) and we are in love. We think he got enough collie in him that he’s got some smarts — he’s already responding to clicker training and has learned to use the ramp to get on/off the deck. Not without a few foibles, though. And that’s just good entertainment.

We’re quickly remembering how vigilant one has to be when there’s a puppy in the midst. Potty training is a full-time job. And remember those socks and pants Greg likes to leave around the house? Fair game! This guy does tire himself out rather quickly, though. Like, right in the middle of a play session.

He’s very social and very snuggly. Most times when he wants a nap, he finds me and crawls into my lap (or, if I’m standing, lays on my feet to indicate it’s time to be rocked to sleep). This may be teaching bad behaviors, but I’ve got to admit I love it. He won’t be this little for very long.

We got him on December 30, exactly 5 months after Argus left us. Admittedly, it was a bittersweet day. Greg and I reminisced about bringing Argus home for the first time and tried to push away the feelings that we were somehow replacing him or betraying him by loving a new puppy so much.

While Argus will always be in our hearts, we are enjoying seeing life through the eyes of a puppy. Miles has accepted us as his family, and we are happy to claim him as ours.


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  1. Claudia says:

    Welcome Miles!
    Your new home, and your new mom and dad are simply fabulous! You are one lucky little guy :)
    I know of a little pooch in Santa Barbara that can’t wait to meet you. Playdate, sometime?
    Look forward to meeting you!

  2. Mom says:

    What a Sweetie! Can’t wait to meet him next month. Keep those pictures coming.

  3. LesserisMore says:

    Very cute! I can only imagine the training that it takes to take care of a pup, but at least you get to make those decisions. We are still working on our pup that we adopted to get him in the habit of proper behavior, since he didn’t really know what that was when we got him.

    BTW – if he likes to chase tennis balls, he may find enjoyment out of putting a ball inside that rubber mesh toy. We have the same thing and adding the ball turned it into a great brain teaser for the pup as to how to get it out :)

    • Molly says:

      The ball idea is great – thanks! You can actually teach an older dog new tricks — and in many ways they’re easier to train. Good luck!

  4. OMIGOD!!! Your puppy is adorable! Have fun with all the joys of puppy parenthood!

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