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Friday Five

January 6, 2012 Fido, Fitness, Fun 1 Comment

1. We’ve had Miles for a week now. Only a week. Although it feels like way longer than that as I stand in the yard every morning at 4 AM, praising him in my high-pitched voice for a good potty!

He just feels like home and I kind of can’t believe I was patient enough with Greg to live without a puppy for five months.

Also, he loves my Fit Flop slippers as much as I do. I am sure this obsession will come to blows in the near future.

2. It’s been quiet on the fitness front lately. That isn’t because I’ve been slacking off; I’ve consistently worked out 6 days a week since my last race. But it’s boring stuff. The triathlon training has begun and will continue to ramp up and there will be more to talk about.

I made a Facebook page for my blog that I haven’t known what to do with. I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate my that page to Ironman¬†stuff — training, nutrition, rants, etc… Join me over there if you want to follow along. (PLEEEEEEASE!)

3. There’s no snow in Tahoe. I can’t tell you how much this pains me. My 2012¬†season pass is going unused with every un-winter-like day we have.

4. I bought for-real cowboy boots when I was in Kansas City for Christmas. Then my mom gave me money for them and they turned into a gift. Win!

Greg hates them. Win?

I continue to look for excuses to wear them. It’s not going that well. Not only do I rarely go out, I am not very good at dressing myself.

Also, I have big feet.

5. I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I’m not usually the “fantasy” type. And I haven’t fallen prey to the “young adult” genre (Edward and Bella can suck it as far as I’m concerned – ha!). But this gripped me and held me until the end of the series. I love when I hate to finish a good book.


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  1. Claudia says:

    Nice boots! I like em’.

    Nic wants me to invite you down so that he can meet Miles. Is that invitation enough? (or he also said, he go up to “Santa Frisco” to see him.)

    “ahhhh…Miles…cute pupper doggers…”

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