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MTB Nayarit

December 10, 2011 Fitness, Fun 1 Comment

Sorry for my abrupt hiatus in posting. My laptop screen called it quits on me while on vacation and I’ve been immersing myself with wee ones (and laundry) while it was being repaired…

There’s so much more to tell! Let me pour a margarita as I continue the story:

We worked with the guys at Wildmex to plan a mountain biking adventure. One of the things that drew us to this area was all the activities it has to offer. After all, there’s only so much sitting on the beach one can do…¬†Everything tastes so much better when you earn it!

I had sent an email to our guide (John) with a brief explanation of what we were looking for and a note about our skill levels, including this:

Greg is an expert mountain biker in terms of his technical skills on difficult trails (jumps, steep descents, tight turns, etc…). I would say I’m more in the “intermediate” range in terms of bike handling on technical stuff. I can get through spots that are super technical, but I’ll be slower than just bombing through it… We want to choose the right trip so that both of us (and the guide!) have fun. What would you recommend?

Let’s just say that Greg and I both consider it a success when I am not crying by the end of a mountain bike ride. There have been tears. Many times.

Friday morning we met up with John and Nick (another American vacationer) at the Wildmex warehouse to finalize the gear prep. It’s me and three experienced mountain bikers. *GULP* I did all I could do to disclaim my abilities… and we set off for San Pancho. It’s a town a few miles north of Sayulita.

We parked John’s Jeep and set off on our adventure! We rode on the cobblestone streets awhile (with a steep climb) and then moved on to a dirt/gravel road that ran by a polo field and golf course.

Soon, we reached the creek and rode along a trail that crossed it no less than 20 times.¬†This was “fine,” except I was struggling to get my feet out of the pedals and I always feel more comfortable with that confidence. I was pretty proud of how I was keeping up with the guys, but had a slow-burning panic in my gut (and written all over my face) all the while.

Always trying to clip out

I fell over once as we got stopped because I couldn’t get my feet out. Not awesome. At this point, we made some adjustments to my cleats and pressed on. It involved a climb that I was able to handle and actually enjoy. We then descended (which was also surprisingly enjoyable for a wimp like me) and made our way back along the creek. Did I mention we had company on the trail?

We got to a really steep climb on loose dirt/gravel and some ruts running through it from runoff. I’ll be honest — I didn’t even try it. The guys made it up in their granny gear and I slogged up on foot. I made it down the single track descent (fell over once) and there were more creek crossings (another fall-over) and another steep climb (and yet another fall-over).

There were tears stinging my eyes. I wanted to be done. Now.

But, we weren’t done. There was no way out from here, so I had to keep going. Greg was very supportive, as were the other guys. I tried to just keep my wits about me and keep going. In addition to the numerous scrapes and scratches, the handlebars had jabbed me on the left side of my neck and really hard in my right armpit when I fell. Battle wounds!

Nick finally convinced me to trade him bikes. We were both riding with SPD pedals and riding the same size bike. What a difference that made!! Nick agreed that the pedals on my bike were totally fucked up and he was probably cussing himself for switching with me at that point. I was thrilled!! I had my confidence back!

It was more single track down before reaching the rocky creek trail that would lead us back into town. At one point, we had to ride on a major thoroughfare (Highway 200) for about a half mile. Nick was lagging behind us and when he caught up, we saw that the right pedal on his bike had completely come off of the crank. Better him than me!! (Ha!)

We rode 15 miles, which took 3 hours all-told (including a couple of stops for snacks and to fix pedals/switch bikes). I think the guys would have had more fun without me there, being able to bomb the downhill sections and otherwise be more aggressive. They were good sports to have me along. I knew I was out of my comfort zone when I signed up for this trip, so I feel good about keeping up and getting through it.

Wildmex offered several trips of varying difficulty levels, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you are in to off-road cycling.

Here’s my souvenir from the excursion:



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