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November 1, 2011 Fun 1 Comment

My hands have a Halloween hangover.

I didn’t don a costume for Halloween (though my sister came up with a great idea — Mary Poppins) and the adorable girls across the street were our only trick-or-treaters. I did spend the day with a kindergartner, though, and she insisted my hands get dressed up.

I don’t usually wear fingernail polish. I haven’t even had my toes done in over a year. The polish I put on yesterday was obviously a too-bright color of pink that the kindergartner’s mom picked up for her at Claire’s Boutique. The price was $7. I knew the color was a little obnoxious, but my nails are all the same length and I thought it would be okay. What I think now? This is the lowest-quality nail polish I’ve ever worn.

This polish had chipped off the ends within about 10 minutes of putting it on. This was without changing the oil in my car, washing the dishes, or even fumbling with my zipper to go to the bathroom. I put three coats on over the course of about an hour and I looked like a hooker within minutes after that.

I am going swimming later this morning and I’m curious to see if the chlorine eats the polish entirely off, but I am too embarrassed to go to yoga like this so I’m removing it myself now.


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  1. Jane says:

    Ah shucks, I was hoping for the chlorine experiment! Audacious color!!

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