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Random Friday Facts

November 4, 2011 Fun No Comments

I’m borrowing this meme from a fellow blogger friend. I often think of random things I’d love to share with y’all…

  • My friend’s dog howled in the car when I began singing yesterday. Seriously. He stopped howling when I stopped singing. Started howling again when I started singing again. I am not a terrible singer, nor is this the fist time I’ve sung in front of this dog. Maybe he just hates The Fray. Or he knows something about how to save a life and I was doing it wrong.
  • I’ve had two life-changing surgeries. LASIK is one of them.
  • I enjoy drinking wine. (<<– not random??)
  • My go-to hangover food is Chinese
  • I’ve had a job since 4th grade.
  • Related – I recently learned that losing your job is not the end of the world. In fact, it’s probably the beginning of it.
  • I don’t love Las Vegas.
  • I can’t fall asleep without reading. Or earplugs.
  • I find clowns kind of creepy.
  • I learned to snow ski at age 30. It wasn’t pretty for my then-boyfriend-now-husband, or my friend/teacher. I am grateful for Carolina’s eternal patience. And beer.
Have a great weekend!

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