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ISO: Vacation Motivation

November 7, 2011 Fitness, Food 1 Comment

It’s the off-season. I look at it as a sort of license to slack off. To put on a few pounds. To do workouts that please me. To be [relatively] fat and happy. My body and I worked hard this year, and we’ll work even harder next year for Ironman Canada.

Enter: winter beach vacation.

Yeah, so… I’ve got about 3 weeks to get this off-season body in to some kind of beach-body shape. Also, we’ll be celebrating my 29th birthday while vacationing.

You’d think that the above statements would be motivation enough, right? I thought so, too. When this vacation idea first came up, I thought I’d easily be able to curb my carb-eating behavior. I would stop drinking wine mid-week. I would do crunches during commercials (<<– DVR = no commercials = WIN!).

It’s hard enough to break behaviors on their own. And at this particular juncture, I find myself with an even bigger disadvantage. In caring for all the small kids in my life, it’s like the noodles+cheez put on some sort of sexy dance that gets me to put them in my mouth. This is to say nothing of the alluring act of the Goldfish. Have you seen the colored ones? Or the s’mores ones? It’s like Cirque du Soleil avec Poisson. I’ve never eaten so much useless, nutrition-free food in my life as when I am in the company of children. I’d never buy the stuff to have at my own house, so it wouldn’t be a problem. It also doesn’t help that I hate to throw food away: “Two bites of PB+J left? I used whole grain bread and natural peanut butter… I’ll just eat it!

Alas, I realize this is just an excuse. I can make my own choices. And I have three weeks to make the right ones. Not the off-season ones. Not the I’m-a-three-year-old ones.

Speaking of choices… I’m considering this one: take a picture of myself every morning in a bathing suit. I don’t know about you, but nothing speaks more loudly or clearly to me than a picture of my gut/butt/boobs hanging out of a swimming suit.

Just sayin’.

What motivates you?





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  1. caryn kralovansky says:

    I walked away from chocolate today and I’m happy with my body right now! I lost weight on vacation and that was motivation for me. Also in the middle of my Nutrition class and that has an affect. How long it will all last is yet to be determined.

    Do you have a picture of yourself (in a swimsuit or not) that you can use as motivation?

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