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Flat Belly Diet: Day 3

November 23, 2011 Food No Comments

Tuesday marked Day 3 of 4 on the Flat Belly Diet Jumpstart. I’m growing weary…

Why am I doing it in the first place?

Day 1

Day 2

I woke up freezing on Tuesday morning and we speculated that it was because I didn’t have enough energy to burn. While 1200 calories a day may not be enough to sustain me ongoing, I’m pretty sure there’s still enough fat on these bones that my body can keep warm… The scale indicated a 1.2 pound decline since yesterday, which is admittedly motivating (considering my goal of feeling confident in a bathing suit).

Another up-side is that I am usually a little foggy-headed after an evening with Caryn. (<<– understatement) It is usually no problem for us to drink a couple of bottles of wine and open a third. I woke up early this morning with a clear head. Bonus!

1 serving Cream of Wheat
1 cup skim milk
2 T unsweetened raisins
1/4 cup roasted (unsalted) sunflower seeds
1 glass Sassy Water

This breakfast was filling again today, but maybe not as much as it was on Sunday. I think the reason it feels more filling than the corn flakes is because it takes me way longer to eat it. I don’t really like Cream of Wheat (and I can’t doctor it up with a bunch of sugar or even a little salt), so I take a lot of very small bites. I’m going to try the small bite/slower eating thing in general and see what happens.

4 oz. canned tuna (packed in water)
1 cup sauteed summer squash + tomatoes
1 light string cheese
1 glass Sassy Water

I was definitely hungry for lunch when it was time, which was also influenced by the run I did after breakfast. Lunch was filling and I did not need to supplement with an extra cheese. I mixed the tuna and veggies together while they were cooking, which was pretty tasty. I garnished with the juice from half a lemon for a little more flavor.

Smoothie: 1 cup skim milk + 4 oz pineapple chunks (in juice) + handful ice
2 T roasted (unsalted) sunflower seeds

I froze the pineapple in advance because it makes for a creamier smoothie. This was the way to go. I ate the snack around 4 PM, and I was definitely needing food by this time. I started to get a mild headache around 3 PM and was feeling sluggish all afternoon.

3 oz grilled chicken
1 cup left over green beans + mushrooms
1/2 cup brown rice
Sassy Water

Dinner was satisfying and enough food, as it was on Days 1 and 2. I had dinner at a friend’s house and wanted a glass of wine with her — and almost gave in!! — but stuck with the Sassy Water and got through it. Again, I think it was just a habit of having wine with Carolina that made it a strong craving.

Day 3 Observations
As I mentioned, I’m growing weary. I need closer to 2000 calories a day to sustain my activity level, so dropping to 1200 is very difficult. Obviously, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do — I look and feel less bloated and have lost a few pounds — but this calorie level is not sustainable for me. I am usually high energy all day and can easily get through a 4.5 mile run. I had to cut the run down to 3.2 miles because I felt so sluggish.

I’m going to get through this knowing that Wednesday is the last day. And I’ll probably have a glass (or two) of wine on Wednesday night.

Day 4


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