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Trick or Treat?

October 28, 2011 Fun 1 Comment

I used to put on a Halloween party, which was a lot of stress for me in the weeks/days/minutes leading up to it:

Mentioning it to Greg.
Thinking of costumes.
Planning a menu, including the year’s signature witch’s brew.
Craftily working to convince Greg to participate.
Developing the playlist for the evening.
Perusing recipes for theme-inspired food.
Running costume ideas by Greg, trying not to alienate him.
Acquiring tables and chairs to accommodate our guests.
Grocery shopping and food prep.
Lawn work and house cleaning.
Filling several large tubs with booze.
Shopping at the costume store 12 hours before the party starts because Greg finally agrees that this will be fun.
Pulling Greg away from the booze tubs to dress him in his costume.
Dressing myself.
Welcoming guests who have already arrived.

Marilyn Monroe + Jesus

St. Pauli Girl + Sam Adams

Frankenstein & His Bride

That last one was in 2008. It was the year we got married and a great way to get another use out of the wedding dress. Sadly, it was also the last year we dressed up for Halloween.

We live on a dead-end street that is poorly lit, so there are no trick-or-treaters brave enough to visit our dark end of the neighborhood on Halloween night. This has allowed us to go out and booze it up at the local watering hole, just in case a straggler is dared to ring our doorbell.

Just kidding. We usually drink at home in the basement with the lights off.

This year may be different. With several wee ones now in my life (at least part-time), I expect we’ll have a few trick-or-treaters making their way onto our porch. The little girls across the street are old enough to understand Halloween and they’ll surely be over for goodies, and hopefully some of the other kids I take care of will convince their parents to come over and see me that night.

I’m trying to figure out a costume that will be fun for the kids without scaring the shit out of them. I’ve worked too hard to build their trust to break it down with a silly prank. Do you have any ideas? We’ll be welcoming kids of all ages over here on Monday night. If you’re in the ‘hood, come over!


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