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October 17, 2011 Friends No Comments

Everyone has a dream. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, but it is something you’ve always wanted to do or achieve or be or accomplish. You know, things like:

Walk on the moon.

Get out of the po-dunk town you grew up in.

Become an Ironman.

Speak Italian with the locals in Venice.

Grow tomatoes.

I’m working on making my Ironman dream come true. It’s something that will take a lot of hard work and sacrifices on my part, and on the part of all of you who are supporting me. People who offer encouraging words during the long training period and during the race. Friends who will understand when I say no to fun plans because my budget is tapped. Saints who let me eat the last slice of pizza after a hard training day. Children who miss nap time to cheer a girl on.

My friend Phil┬áhas a dream. He wants to be a film director. After high school, he achieved his degree in Film & Video Prodcution at CSU Long Beach (yep – the same place Steven Spielberg got his degree). His senior project won awards and got him interviews at the top studios in LA. But he needed a screenplay before they’d even consider him. Phil is a director, not a writer.

Alas, his dreams were put on hold. Phil found work that would support him and pay off his school loans. Life happened and, in seemingly no time, he was 40 and working as an IT manager instead of a film director.

Until now.

Earlier this year, Phil put up his own money to hire and direct a film crew for a documentary. Imminent Threat is a film about the emotional journey of a single SWAT team as they participate in an international training competition for emergency response services. Check out the trailer!

The entire film has already been shot. Phil’s next step is to hire the post-production professionals — editors, sound engineers, special effects — who will work with him to shape the 70+ hours of footage into the story he envisioned from the very beginning. THIS TAKES MONEY!

He’s working with Kickstarter* to raise the money. I’d like to ask you, my faithful readers, to help a guy see his dreams come true. It doesn’t take much — the difference in forgoing that Starbucks run tomorrow, bringing your own lunch to the office, or buying the cheap bottle of wine at Trader Joe’s. Each individual’s small contribution will add up to something big. Big = this guy’s dream.

$5. Seriously.

His goal is to raise $30,000 in the next 9 days. You guys know how I love a challenge. Let’s do this! Think of your own dream and how it would be so great to enlist the help of everyone you know and everyone I know and everyone the Internet knows to make it come true.

Ready? Set? Go!

Click here to learn more about Phil, this project, and Kickstarter — and to donate! Feeling even more generous? Tell all your friends!

* NOTE ABOUT KICKSTARTER: If he doesn’t reach his goal, you aren’t charged.



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