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It’s Not A Llama

September 5, 2011 Fun 1 Comment

One of the places where we tasted wine on the Ashland trip offered additional recreation.

It was an alpaca farm!

No, I am not shitting you. These people moved to southern Oregon from southern California to raise their alpacas. It just-so-happened that the farm they bought had grapes and orchard fruits growing on it… so they raise their alpacas AND grapes AND apples, peaches, and pears. Goodbye retirement!

The owner needed to move the alpacas into a different pen while we were there and let us help. So cool! We got right into one pen with them and she opened the other gate and we corralled them into the other… er, corral.

Don’t try this with llamas! Apparently they are more feisty than alpacas and are often used to guard alpacas from predators. Llamas are also much larger and their fur isn’t as soft. The tasting room at Caprice was also a boutique featuring goods made with alpaca wool. I got a cute hat for ski season!

It was a really fun experience and we all bought at least one bottle of their wine (I bought the cab sav, and I am not usually a cabernet drinker!). Be sure to stop in if you’re traveling in the area!


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  1. Such a great hat. Makes me wish I work my hair straight more often so one would fit on my head :)

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