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At 36

September 28, 2011 Fear, Fun 2 Comments

I am officially the exact same age that Greg was when we met in early November 2003.

The difference between 28 and 36 is not insignificant (and I don’t just mean calendar years). I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be together if we had met at any other time in our lives. And considering we were living 2000 miles apart at the time, there were a lot of invisible hands bringing us together. Also, a few not-so-invisible ones. (Thanks, Kidders!)

Here’s a self-timer picture taken on the weekend we met in-person for the first time.

I feel everything again when I see this picture. All of the anticipation. All of the chemistry.

I burned a lot of fear calories that weekend!

And I fell in love.


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  1. Suzie Hopkins says:

    Love this.

  2. […] had introduced me and Greg through email and he and I were planning my visit to San Francisco to meet in person. While I don’t think anyone would have called me fat, I wanted to put my best […]

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