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On the Merits of Red Wine

August 26, 2011 Family, Fitness, Food, Fun 1 Comment

For a gal with all this Irish blood in her (I’ve got Sweeney, Leahy, and Sheridan in my family tree), you wouldn’t expect the sun to love me so much. And that’s a real blessing for me because I love it, too.

Which one of these is not like the others?

Being a triathlete, I’m in the sun a lot while training and racing. Even in the off-season, I love to bask in it. Sure, I slather my face and chest with sunscreen and wear a floppy hat or visor whenever possible, but I don’t do much in the way of sun protection other than that. I rarely burn, and it turns to a golden tan within 24 hours if I do.

Perhaps it’s because I drink so much red wine.

No really.

A study published in the May 11 issue of The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (and translated into common-speak by CBS News) reveals that “flavonoids help prevent the skin from forming reactive oxygen species. It’s these ROSs that react with UV rays to destroy cells and cause sunburn.”

In other words, with the amount of red wine I drink, I’M GOLDEN. 

I’m also digging what another study says about red wine being “exercise in a bottle,” especially during the off-season. At this rate, I can’t go wrong!


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  1. Jane says:

    So that’s the reason for my Fair Irish not so tan complexion: I don’t drink enough red wine!

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