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Molly’s Law

August 14, 2011 Family, Fear No Comments

We all know that Murphy’s Law states the following: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

In the last two weeks, I’ve discovered an emerging trend that I fear is on its way to becoming a law. Molly’s Law, if you will:

“When I am more prepared than I normally would be, something will go wrong.”

I guess the good news is that my over-preparedness makes me “ready” for a disaster to take place… but it’s still no fun. Two weeks ago, it was Argus getting sick and dying the night before my race. I was so grateful that I had gotten all my race gear ready immediately when we got home from packet pick-up. I needed that confidence that everything was ready to go in the morning — and it was!

Today, it was an avoidable disaster.

I don’t know whatthefuck Greg thought he was doing lighting this gunpowder in the driveway. “It was old,” he said. “I didn’t think it would do anything.” All I know is that he asked me to get him an ice pack in a tone of voice that I am not sure I’ve ever heard him use. I went running to the kitchen to tend to him.

He has burns on his right arm from the hand to the elbow. His face was also burned, but not nearly as badly. We got ice packs on everything immediately and changed them out for about an hour. He just took a cold shower to clean everything off and have a look. I’m officially out of my league on how to help, even with Google as my assistant. Pete is coming by with his big ol’ bag of first aid (and his extensive knowledge). Still, we might be headed to Urgent Care tonight.

My plan is/was to hit 6:30 AM yoga and then rush to an all-day babysitting job tomorrow. Dinner for tonight is ready for whenever we’re ready to eat it. My breakfast and lunch are packed for tomorrow. My workout clothes are laid out, as is the bag I’ll bring for anything that might arise watching a 16-month old (swimsuit, change of clothes, running shoes, book, etc…).

I am so grateful that he wasn’t hurt worse. The night/tomorrow/week is still very much salvageable. And I dare-say I’m ready for it!


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