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700 in 31 – Challenge Results

June 1, 2011 Fitness, Friends, Fun No Comments

It’s June 1 which means May Is Bike Month is over. The monkey is off my back!

I pledged to ride 700 miles in 31 days, which was definitely a stretch goal. That’s an average of 22.5 miles of riding EVERY DAY. I had such lofty aspirations because we were planning a four-day ride down the California coast over the third weekend. I was squarely on track to meet my goal when the plan started falling apart about a week before the trip. It was going from a four-day trip to a two-day trip to just a 50-mile day trip. And then the trip got postponed indefinitely.

I knew 700 miles was out of reach at that point, so I decided to compromise rather than throw in the towel. I was estimating 200 miles in those four days, so I set out to hit 500 miles for the month. This decision was made on May 17. As of that day, I had ridden 169 miles.┬áSure. I’ll ride 331 miles in 14 days. NBD.

I went after it. I rode my bike and took the long way to most destinations. I made a 6-mile errand take 20 miles. I rode 102 miles in two days Thursday/Friday last week, just to cram it in. But was it enough?

No. It wasn’t.


The goal was very clearly within my reach and I would have made it to 500 if it weren’t for two things:

1) We chose to go to Tahoe on Sunday/Monday (I still went for a bike ride on Monday afternoon upon our return)
2) It rained until 2 PM yesterday and I couldn’t get a ride in because of afternoon plans.

On my Facebook page, I challenged anyone who would take me on.

I got a few friends to engage: Greg estimates his mileage around 250. Caryn broke the 400 mile mark between road and mountain biking (MTB counts 2:1). But Joe knocked it out of the park! Within the first week of the month, he had already racked up 177 mile so I knew he’d be the one to beat. He killed it with 742 miles for the month. WOW! I owe Joe beers at the local watering hole. We both win this prize!

Note: I was able to successfully pull the data off my Forerunner 405 with the last week’s data. Whew!


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