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Technology Fail (and WWW: May 22)

May 30, 2011 Fitness No Comments

Holiday weekends kind of screw up my internal calendar. Sure, “every day is a Saturday” for someone who is unemployed, but I do find myself feeling off when Monday rolls around and Greg sleeps in. I’m not complaining!

I went for a bike ride late this afternoon, and I was thinking about what I’d feature on my WWW summary this week. I had settled on a few pictures of our false start to summer — the snow in Tahoe that we took advantage of. And then I looked down at my Garmin to see how far I’d gone. This is what I saw:

And that’s all I saw for the rest of the ride. And it’s all I see now that I’m home. The device is frozen!!

The trouble is this: I don’t download my workout data from my Forerunner 405 after each workout. My whole week is lost! It’s like it didn’t even happen!! I had a kick-ass workout week, but it all seems a moot point now. I live and breathe by my stats and the “proof” that I did the workout. I’m sure I can do some kind of hard reset and get the device working again, but for now, I’m mourning the loss of my precious data.

Weekly Workout Wrap-up (You’ll have to take my word for it…)

Sunday: 19-mile bike ride

Monday: 17-mile bike ride

Tuesday: 10-mile bike ride + core

Wednesday: 5.5 mile run

Thursday: 48-mile bike ride

Friday: 54-mile bike ride

Saturday: 4 mile run + 2 hours downhill skiing


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