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Running High (and WWW: May 15)

May 23, 2011 Fitness 1 Comment

It was a big running week for me – almost 20 miles in just 3 runs. There are several things to be happy about:

  • My knees are not threatening to give out on me. In fact, no pain at all!
  • My new shoes are finally comfortable.
  • I don’t need music (or even an audiobook) to talk myself into a long run.
  • I’ve got my bathroom situation figured out to where there are no “emergencies” mid-run.

Best of all? I am approaching a consistent 8-minute mile. ┬áHere’s to the up-side of my shoulder injury!

I must admit, though, I really miss swimming. I never thought I’d say that!! I’m a little burned out on running and riding all week, and it’s hard to do any other cross-training like yoga or weights with the shoulder. I’m just not a Zumba girl… My plan is to see a doctor to finally diagnose what’s wrong. My request will be a cortisone shot that will allow me to train hard in the two months leading up to my Half Ironman on July 30, then get to work on physical therapy and proper healing. This is the plan as long as doing the swim training won’t further injure it or cause permanent damage. Has anyone taken this approach?

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday – 7.25-mile run (Bay to Breakers) + 12-mile bike ride

Monday – 17-mile bike ride

Tuesday – 5-mile run (in VFF)

Wednesday – 20-mile bike ride

Thursday – 7-mile run + core

Friday – 17-mile bike ride

Saturday – 48-mile bike ride


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with another tough injury :( I do hope it feels better soon I know how frustrating it can be not to be able to do your fav activities.

    Looks like you’ve been getting some awesome running and biking in though, great job! :)

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