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Reality Bites (and WWW: May 8)

May 16, 2011 Fido, Fitness No Comments

It was a busy week of taking care of others — dogs, kids, houses. By the time the prescribed day of rest came on Friday, I gladly obliged! Then I slept in until almost 10 AM on Saturday and decided to have another low-key day based on how tired I felt. I was clearly exhausted and finally decided to listen to my body and give it the rest it needed.

The week started on Mother’s Day, and my dear dog found himself in a situation that led him to chomp down on my hand. I take responsibility for putting him in a stressful situation with an unsocialized dog, and I was punished for it.



There has been quite a bit of pain and swelling this week. Thankfully, Pete cleaned the wounds (5 punctures total) thoroughly and they are healing well. The pain is from bruising and general tenderness, but there doesn’t appear to be any infection, tendon damage, or nerve sensitivity. Whew! I can’t swim because of my right shoulder pain, and it wasn’t advisable to get in the water with my left hand injury. Maybe I’ll be able to swim this week…

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday – OFF

Monday – 29-mile bike ride

Tuesday – 7-mile run + 6 mile walk with stroller

Wednesday – 17-mile bike ride + 5 mile walk with stroller

Thursday – 4.5 mile run + 20 minutes yoga

Friday – 4 mile bike ride (errands) + core

Saturday – 4 mile bike ride (to/from gym) + 20 minute sauna


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