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Dear Summer

May 25, 2011 Friends, Fun 3 Comments

Dear Summer,

When are you going to get here? Please come soon, and stay awhile. I promise I’ve been a good girl. I have worshipped your warm sunshine my whole life, only now I do it with copious amounts of sunscreen and silly hats.

You (and a cold drink) complete me.



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  1. Jane says:

    Love this pic! Seriously, when is summer going to arrive? Over and done with unseasonably cool weather and late in the season rain! GO AWAY!

  2. mirellab says:

    bring it, girl!

  3. No kidding! I had to go to So Cal to get actual warmth, and then even then it switched back to cool. Considering what the rest of the country has put up with these last five months, I’ll take the wet/cold. But I can’t wait until Summer. I hear summer here doesn’t arrive until July 4th. But by then we should have plenty of solid 80’s and even some days in the 90s. I do love heat!

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