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700 Miles (and WWW: May 1)

May 9, 2011 Fitness 1 Comment

I am participating in May is Bike Month with my tri club and have pledged to ride 700 miles this month.


That’s a lot of miles in 31 days. What the hell was I thinking?? Well, I was thinking that I rode 324 miles last May and I didn’t even sign up for MIBM until the 15th… So, I figured I could double what I did last year if I made it a priority right off the bat. Sounds reasonable, right?

Also, we are planning a bike trip down the California coast later this month. We’re not doing the Tour of California, but we are hoping to retrace a portion of their path! I think that trip should give me about 200 miles, depending on the weather and the route we end up taking. Highway 1 is closed past Big Sur, so we may have to cut the trip short. Either way, the views should be fantastic and it will be great endurance training for my upcoming Half Ironman. I need to increase butt-on-saddle time now that Wildflower is behind me.

It’s a good excuse to think twice about driving to run quick errands and/or to visit friends. I logged 95 miles in this first week, 30 of which were errand-running excursions. It’s a heckuva good workout riding with a 30-pound backpack filled with groceries, let me tell you!

Are you up for pledging to ride more this month? Make a commitment and share it with me — we can cheer each other on!

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday: 1.5K swim + 40K bike + 10K run
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 15-mile bike ride
Wednesday: 14-mile bike ride
Thursday: 5-mile run
Friday: 26-mile bike ride
Saturday: 15-mile bike ride + Bodyrock.tv

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