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Stuck (and WWW: March 27)

April 4, 2011 Fitness, Friends 3 Comments

I went from snow bunny to dancing queen in a matter of 6 hours on Saturday. I rushed home from Tahoe, showered, and put on some go-out clothes, donning a lovely cocktail ring given to me as a hand-me-up from a friend. I don’t know why I’d want to draw more attention to my man-hands, but it really is a lovely piece.

It went on with no trouble. No trouble at all. I realize this may be hard to believe from the looks of those knuckles… I went out that night in San Francisco, celebrating a dear friend’s upcoming nuptials. I was on good behavior, though, because I had to drive myself home. When I got home at 1:07 AM, I quickly undressed… except for one thing. I couldn’t get the ring off.

Between two days of skiing, coming back down from altitude, a fancy dinner, and a few glasses of wine… This ring was settling in as a permanent fixture. I went to bed, exhausted, and figured I’d get it off in the morning.

Dehydration = water retention.

The morning situation was worse. I tried soap, oil, butter, an ice bath, and more oil. Nothing. I had to do a long brick workout, so I did it with the fancy cocktail ring. I think it added a certain panache to my workout ensemble. It actually worked kind of like compression socks, but on my middle finger — an obvious spot for needed relief.

I definitely wasn’t any less puffy after the workout (33 mile bike + 4.5 mile run), and I began to look at My Life With A Cocktail Ring as my new existence. I pictured myself swimming on Monday morning with the cocktail ring. I had a babysitting gig on Monday ¬†as well — I’d look complete in the sandbox with such a lovely bauble.

Greg and I took Argus over to Coyote Point for happy hour on Sunday evening. At his suggestion, I kept my hand elevated above my heart. Also, the wind was cold. My hands do that crazy Raynaud’s thing anyway, so I was kinda hoping they’d become numb enough that I wouldn’t care if I scraped the hell out of my knuckle getting it off.

It worked! We got home and I juiced my finger up with dish soap and the ring slid off. WHEW!

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday: 40-mile bike ride + 3-mile run

Monday: 2100-yard swim + 4 mile hike

Tuesday: 45-minute run with Sherpa + Tracy Anderson

Wednesday: Bodyrock.tv strength training

Thursday: 21-mile bike ride

Friday: Skiing

Saturday: Skiing

NOTE: My entire outfit is an ensemble of hand-me-ups: hoodie + T-shirt from Sarah, shorts from Mel, flip-flops (not shown) from Jane. The cocktail ring is from Tina. I am a grateful beneficiary!


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  1. Hand me ups! I love this term. And all the more reason to seek out friends who are of similar size :)

  2. Pete says:

    Damn, you should have called me. I could have busted out my first aid kit and used that cool ring cutter I bought years ago! Next time this happens, thread dental floss under the ring in two places, stick your hand in ice water for a few minutes, soap up your finger and have someone gently pull on both pieces of dental floss. It should slide right off. If it doesn’t, just remember that I have a ring cutter too :)

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