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Best Laid Plans (and WWW: 4/10)

April 18, 2011 Family, Fitness, Fun 5 Comments

I have mentioned our annual Sisters Trip in a few recent posts. It’s a trip where five of us — me, my mom, her sister, my sister, and my sister-in-law-to-be — get together to drink a bunch of booze in a rented house on a beach, telling stories and peeing our pants from too much laughter. This year’s trip was hands-down the best yet!

Except for one mishap.

We borrowed a friend’s mini van and were pulling it into the driveway in front of my house on Saturday afternoon. My sister was driving and my Cabrio was hanging just a few inches over the edge of the driveway. I jumped out of the van and said I’d move my car forward to make room.

The keys were all the way in the house and I didn’t want to get them, so I took the Greg Approach. I opened the car door, put the car in neutral, and began pushing it forward. And it worked! The car was moving forward with relative ease. I AM SO STRONG! I BET THEY ARE SO IMPRESSED! WHO NEEDS KEYS TO MOVE A CAR?

And then my flip flops lost traction on the dried leaves in the road. My feet slipped out from under me and —

I was on the ground, my knee scuffed.

I popped up, my arms in the air to let them know I was okay! They all burst out laughing, but much to my dismay, they hadn’t even seen what I was doing. They weren’t impressed at all. I bandaged my knee and they called me a fool and we laughed about it some more. No harm, no foul.

(except for the huge glass of red wine that was spilled on the rug – unrelated to the car moving incident)

The trouble came about soon after waking on Sunday morning. At this point, I wish with all my might I had a hangover. Amazingly, no. I have an injured rotator cuff or something else related to my shoulder. Motherfucker. I must have tried to catch myself in the fall and grabbed the car, tweaking something in there. I can’t lift my arm up to shoulder height without sharp pain. Motherfucker.

My first race is in two weeks and my swimming had really come along well. I really thought I could improve my swim time considerably this year (my split was 30:41 last year). Best laid plans… It, of course, hurts to swim. So, I’m icing it a couple of times a day and using the TENS machine on it. If I can limit use, perhaps I’ll be okay come race day and still perform well.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a hero. Walk 20 feet into the house to get your keys if your car needs moved.

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday: OFF

Monday: 2000 yard swim — NOT SMART

Tuesday: 24 mile bike ride + 3 mile run

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Thursday: 21-mile bike ride + 3.5 mile walk with a friend

Friday: 1800 yard swim — WHO WAS I KIDDING?

Saturday: OFF


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  1. Jane says:

    Great photos depicting a fun time by all!!!!!!!!

    You and Steve can compare shoulder injuries (his due to a sudden lurching 62lb Golden Retriever for a squirrel while on leash held by Steve’s right arm).

  2. Merriam says:

    Molly, I am a KC swimmer/triathlete, and I found your blog after googling Mike Kidder, whose name I saw listed as one of two Missourians at the Wildflower Tri last year. I would love to connect with you and MIke and maybe join you in a race someday. Are you going to this tri this year?

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