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Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

March 6, 2011 Fitness 3 Comments

This post is not about food, but I hope you have that song in your head now. Hello Meatloaf!!

(You’re welcome.)

Even with mid-week travel to/from Oregon to help a friend move, I had a pretty good workout week. Two weeks ago, we were given a “free” day off mid-week that I moved into this week, knowing I’d have a rough schedule. So glad I did! I put myself through 11 days of back-to-back workouts and looked forward to this Thursday with every one. I spent Thursday on two turbulent flights getting home from Eugene, basking in the rest. Did you know that Horizon Air offers free local wine/beer on all flights? Bonus!

In the workout world, my swimming has been solid all through the off-season. My interval times are improving and the best news of all is that I don’t hate the very thought of going to the gym for a swim workout. I am even mentally preparing for my first open water swim. Props to Caryn who has already been in the lake a few times!

Even my running is coming around after a slow start. I pushed myself last Sunday to complete a four-mile run after a 15-mile bike ride, just to see how bad it would hurt. I purposely chose a hilly course to mimic the run course at Wildflower. Considering I completed 41 miles on the bike (including climbing Old La Honda) on Saturday, it felt pretty good. I did my track workout on Monday, which left me VERY sore for two days. The kind of sore where it hurts to have to get up/down from the toilet seat… I ran 6.5 miles in the rain on Wednesday in Oregon, and then did a swim/run brick yesterday that entailed 7 miles after a 2300-yard swim. I feel great! I have been using the foam roller and icing my right knee about every other time and it must be working.

The trouble is the bike. I’m really struggling to stay motivated. I dread all the usual routes around here and I don’t have interest in driving to a new starting point. Even once I’m out there, I feel lackluster at best. There is no fire in my legs. My average speed seems to be down. Blech. The bike has always been my strong suit, and I want to believe there is latent fitness hiding in there and it will show itself on race day… It’s just that motivating myself to get out there was always easiest with the bike, so it’s frustrating to have lost that edge. Greg says I must not have taken enough rest in the off-season, and he’s probably right. But it’s too late now. Wildflower is 7 weeks away and I’d like to beat last year’s performance, so I can’t back off now.

Weekly Workout Wrap-up: February 27

Sunday: 15-mile bike ride + 4 mile run

Monday: Track Attack (5 miles total) + core

Tuesday: 1600-yard swim

Wednesday: 6.5 mile run

Thursday: OFF

Friday: Tracy Anderson + 30-mile bike ride

Saturday: 2300-yard swim + 7 mile run


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  1. Jane says:

    Ain’t lack of motivation a bitch! How do I jump start my lack of motivation? Isn’t that the 64 million dollar questions?? Idylls I don’t have the answer to that question, I can & will say to you my friend: GET. BACK. ON. THE. SADDLE! Wildflower is just around the corner:) I’ve got a glass of red wine with your name on it IF you get out & ride your bike tomorrow!

  2. Jane says:

    Oh dang it! I should be careful what I dangle in front of you as an incentive since I’ll be heading into the City @ 5-ish this evening!

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