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Timing is Everything

March 21, 2011 Fitness, Friends 1 Comment

I spent the weekend in Tahoe, thereby officially breaking even on my Squaw season pass. I really expected to spend more time there this winter. Still, it’s worth having the pass, if for no other reason than there is no guilt if I’m having a bad day and don’t want to ski all day. Or if conditions are bad and only half the mountain is open (as was the case this weekend). Or if I drink too much at lunch and am forbidden from getting on a lift. This hasn’t happened, but it’s always a possibility…

Greg and his buddies left San Mateo at 6 AM on Friday for a day trip at Sugar Bowl. I had planned to get in a swim workout and be on the road by noon to meet them up there. I got a text message from a friend who is a Tahoe local urging me to leave sooner than later to beat the storm. I am so glad I took her advice!

It was a treacherous drive the entire way, with torrential rain in the Bay Area turning to snow as I hit about 2000 ft of elevation at the base of the Sierra. By the time I got to Donner Summit just before 2 PM, the conditions were white-out with the snow and wind. I made it safely to Truckee and urged Greg and his friends to get off the mountain sooner than later. Caltrans had already closed I-80 westbound and a couple of the guys were headed back to the Bay Area that night.

G and his buddies at Sugar Bowl

From the comfort of the cabin, glass of wine in-hand, I got word of an accident on eastbound I-80 near Yuba Pass. Six big rigs were turned on their sides, crushing cars that were traveling next to them. The report I read yesterday said there was sadly — but thankfully only — one fatality. The kicker is that I was driving through Yuba Pass around 1:30 PM, which is right when the chain reaction accidents happened. Of course I’m glad that I wasn’t involved in the accidents, but I’m also glad Argus and I didn’t have to spend the next 11 hours stranded on the highway while they cleared the accident and waited for a break in the weather.

Timing is everything!

Greg and Pete were stranded at Sugar Bowl as the other guys got on the highway for the all-night trip back to the Bay Area. Their solution?  Ski down Donner Pass Road! Greg called and we worked out a plan where I would pick them up at a set meeting point on Donner Lake (or start searching if they weren’t there by 6:30). They, of course, had no idea if they could make it…so it was quite a shot in the dark. Literally. It was dusk and they were skiing down a road traveled by cars without so much as a headlamp. I was thrilled to find them waiting for me at the agreed-upon meeting point.

We had a great day skiing at Squaw on Saturday. We were ready to go as the lifts opened, though only the lower half of the mountain was open due to avalanche danger and white-out conditions. You might recall that powder skiing isn’t exactly my forte, but I did pretty well. I was able to make turns and even took more risks because I knew I’d have a soft landing when I fell. My legs were certainly burning through the work, but it was a lot of fun!

Greg happens to love a heavy powder day and found a lot of freshies in the trees. Thanks to Pete for capturing this great shot of him (and the ones above). Greg is 6’3″ and the snow is almost waist-deep on him!

We finished the ski day with a beer at Le Chamois around 2 PM and had had no delays getting home. I wouldn’t say it was an easy drive home with the snow and rain, but we all felt lucky that we weren’t sitting idle on the highway — and that we’d had such a great day playing in the snow.

It snowed on us all day Saturday and more snow was in the forecast for Saturday night and all day Sunday. Despite it being “officially” Spring, it definitely feels like winter in the mountains. Bring it on!


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  1. Oooh, new favorite picture of you in the red coat skiing! ADORABLE! 😉 Having fun, working out AND looking good too?!?! You really can “have it all”, eh? ENJOY!

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