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March 16, 2011 Fido, Fitness 3 Comments

I took today off.


No reasons or excuses needed. I just could not be bothered to go on the prescribed 20-mile bike ride.

Instead, I let this be my inspiration:

Have you heard? I’m in a training funk.

I’m “supposed to” run 8 miles tomorrow and I probably will, but it felt good to break the rules today. The world didn’t end. I wasn’t kicked off the team. I didn’t become fat. I won’t come in last place at Wildflower.

I took an unplanned day off. And I enjoyed it.


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  1. Suzie Hopkins says:

    I’m actually happy to hear you say this. Good for you. You won’t come in last at Wildflower. Not even second to last.

  2. Jane says:

    Good for you! You played hooky!

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