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WWW: February 20

February 27, 2011 Fitness No Comments

The workouts are picking up with only two months until Wildflower. I’m doing more back-to-back workouts (aka “bricks”), the runs are picking up, and weekend rides are longer. Thankfully, my body has decided to join the party! I’ve got a busy week coming up that includes travel to Oregon, so I didn’t take a day off this week. I’m already looking forward to Thursday as my rest day this week!

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Sunday: 41-mile bike ride + 1-mile run

Monday: 25-minute swim + 17-mile bike ride + massage

Tuesday: 60 minutes yoga + 5.5 mile Track Attack

Wednesday: 10 minutes sauna + 1-mile swim + 8 miles walking with stroller (babysitting!)

Thursday: 20 minutes sauna + 2200 yard swim

Friday: 6-mile run

Saturday: 41-mile bike ride


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