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It Officially Begins (and WWW: Jan 30)

February 7, 2011 Fitness No Comments

Training for the 2011 race season officially began this week. I also signed up for my first race of the season — Wildflower (Olympic distance tri) on May 1. My last race of 2010 was November 15 and it hardly seems like I’ve had enough down-time. Probably because I’m not very good at resting… That is really unfortunate, because I’m sporting a lot of aches and pains that will make for a very long season if I’m injured.

My knees are giving me the most trouble, though something is off in my back also. I know it’s all connected — whatever is going on in my back is affecting my hips, which is affecting my knees, which is affecting my ankles. Or maybe the trouble is happening from the ground up? Either way, I need to attend to it. I have a great chiropractor that has helped in the past, so I am hopeful. The yoga helps keep things loose as well.

I follow a set training plan and that is half the battle for me. Like Kirsten, I’m a rule-follower. If someone says to ride my bike 25 challenging miles and then run 2 miles, I’ll do it. If I were the one coming up with the workout plans, I’d probably ride my bike 15 flat miles and not run. Also, I like that these training plans put core workouts in writing. I’ve been doing them as prescribed, and I dare-say I am starting to see a difference!

One note of interest: I am entering this training season in reasonable swimming condition. I swam over 6000 yards last week and it felt great. And I’m gaining speed! My knees certainly enjoyed the break as well… By contrast, my long run was only 5 miles and it felt awful. I’ve come such a long way in just one year!

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday: OFF

Monday: 21-mile bike ride + 10 45-second planks

Tuesday: 1650-yard swim + Tracy Anderson

Wednesday: 90-minute yoga + 20 minute sauna + 2050 yard swim + 4 mile walk with a friend (and Argus!)

Thursday: 25-mile bike ride + 2 mile run + Tracy Anderson

Friday: 20 minute sauna + 2350-yard swim

Saturday: 5-mile run + 10 minutes core (from Fitness magazine)


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