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Gimme a brake! (and WWW: February 6)

February 14, 2011 Fitness 2 Comments

I went for my longest bike ride since October on Saturday — 44 miles. I had intended to go something like 38 miles, but tried a new loop and it was slightly longer than planned. Everything was going along very smoothly, but I had to stop for water in Woodside because I only brought one bottle with me.

I got off the bike and stretched my legs a little while refilling. The sun was finally out, burning off the chill that had been in the air all morning. My bike fell over as I was getting it turned around from the fence, causing the chain to come off. My legs felt tired, but I had only ridden ~25 miles, so I wasn’t that tired. I put the chain back on and headed for home.

It was slow-going. My legs felt awful! It was like pedaling through mud. I was really cussing myself for getting off the bike in the first place, giving my legs the chance to cool down. The worst of it was that nothing improved as I kept going. I was having some serious conversations with myself:

“Wow. Things are really not coming back for you this year.”

“Why are you so weak?”

“You are going to have to work much harder this year to get back to the same level of strength and fitness.”

“You suck.”

I looked for Greg’s car at the corner of 92 & Canada, thinking I’d take it and make him ride the 6.5 extra miles home. Ha! I was OVER IT by this point. There were at least 30 cars there, but not his… I had to make the last couple of short climbs home. The climbing was nearly unbearable. I climb those two little hills almost every time I go out and they are hardly painful at all. Even when I got to the flat 3.5 miles along Crystal Springs Road, I had to stay in my lower chain ring to keep up a reasonable speed.

I was pissed.

I finally pulled into the fucking driveway and got off my fucking bike to walk it into the fucking garage. Then — ONLY THEN — I heard it: the friction of my brake pad on the wheel rim. The brake caliper must have shifted when my bike fell over, causing one of the pads to rub on the rim.

Maybe I’m not so weak after all!

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday: OFF

Monday: 16-mile bike ride + Tracy Anderson

Tuesday: Track Attack! (3.5 miles on track + 1.5 road running)

Wednesday: 1400 yard swim + 30 minute “push” bike ride + Core

Thursday: 2200 yard swim + Tracy Anderson

Friday: 5.5 mile run + Core

Saturday: 44-mile bike ride


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  1. Charity says:

    You are totally hard core!!!

  2. Caryn says:

    Karma making sure you were mentally training as well!

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