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Freewheeling: Under The Hood

February 16, 2011 Freewheeling 1 Comment

A van update!

We are on the cusp of some big changes. STRUCTURAL CHANGES. In the meantime, Greg has been working on small projects to pass the time. Thank goodness I’m so secure in myself and our relationship that I am not upset about him coming home from work and immediately going to the garage until he’s called for dinner. Then going back out to the garage until he stumbles to bed, exhausted and smelling of auto parts.

Secure = I also like my own space. And my own TV shows.

What has he been working on?

There has been additional soundproofing.¬†Greg removed the hood and worked his magic by applying a sound absorption foam (0.5″ thick) to reduce engine noise:

Sprinter Van Hood - As Is

Sprinter Van Hood - Protection Removed

Applying Soundproofing

Soundproofing Finished

Ready To Re-install

While the hood was off, he took it upon himself to become acquainted with the engine compartment. Note his care for the landscaping…

A critical project was to replace the hoses responsible for the turbo air circuit. These were leaking and he was able to fix the problem. The good news was that everything else looked to be in good condition, and he has familiarized himself with the lay of the land.

He also did his first oil and transmission fluid changes:

I hope his next project is to fix the door to the garage, which is being supported by that car jack and a 2×4…

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