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A Rainy Week (WWW: February 13)

February 21, 2011 Fitness No Comments

After three weeks of summer-like weather, winter finally returned to Northern California. Tahoe got dumped on! WOO HOO!! I had a busy social calendar, so wasn’t able to join Greg for a couple of days skiing this week.┬áNot only was I unable to enjoy the snow, I had to move several workouts indoors to the treadmill and Spin bike. Because of torrential rains, I made Saturday a recovery day and went for my long bike ride+run on Sunday instead.

There were 6 birthdays to celebrate this week, a bridal shower, and book club. Was it a full moon this week?? I didn’t sleep at all and I pretty much felt “off” all week. I am pretty sure the lunar calendar coincides with my cycle (sorry for TMI!)… On the up-side, my knees feel great and I have worked up to being able to hold ten 1-minute planks. Rest + strength = results!

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday: OFF/Tracy Anderson

Monday: 19-mile bike ride

Tuesday: Track Attack (4.25 miles speed + 1.25 miles regular) + 10 1-minute planks

Wednesday: Tracy Anderson + 20 minutes sauna + 2100 yard swim

Thursday: 20 minutes sauna + 1200 yard swim + 30 minute “hill repeat” indoor spin (avg HR = 153)

Friday: 5.5 miles treadmill run (6.5% incline for 3 minutes at Miles 3 and 5)

Saturday: OFF/Tracy Anderson


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