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WWW: January 16

January 23, 2011 Fitness No Comments

It was a busy week with friends in town and a trip to Davis for Argus’ third chemo treatment. Also, I was working on completely reformatting my resume, which gobbled up any additional brain power that wasn’t killed by wine consumption.

I managed a respectable workout week, despite the busy-ness and hangover(s). I attended a new yoga class on Monday morning and my hamstrings were still reminding me of that on Friday afternoon. There were only two of us in the class (thanks Jane!), so we got personalized attention from the instructor. A lot of little adjustments made a big difference and I’m going back again tomorrow.

I am surprised there aren’t more kids puking during lunch recess. I went for a run in Davis about an hour after eating a big salad at Pluto’s and really felt awful at about Mile 4. Stomach rumbling, saliva in the back of my throat… Yeah. And that wasn’t a hangover day!  Also, my palms were itchy. I wanted to dig at them with a rock. Does anyone have any idea what’s up with that??

The sun has been shining for the last several days, making workouts much more enjoyable. I’d like to get out for a run today, but my knees and hips are telling me otherwise, so it will probably be another bike ride instead. I’ve been icing my knees and keeping my runs to a minimum in the name of “rest.” I can tell some improvement, but I’m still erring on the conservative side.

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Sunday: 25 minutes sauna + 1450 yard swim

Monday: 90 minutes yoga + 15-mile bike ride

Tuesday: OFF / 45 minute walk with Argus + 50 minute walk with friend

Wednesday: 5.5 mile run in Davis

Thursday: 20-mile bike ride

Friday: 4 mile run + 15 minutes sauna + 30 minute swim + massage

Saturday: 33-mile bike ride


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