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December 8, 2010 Fear, Fitness, Food 2 Comments

I’ve been a slacker lately. On my workouts. On my writing. Slacker.

It’s kind of liberating, actually. All the guilt and fear I felt previously about the off-season has lost its edge, just like my fitness level… But in the words of Frou Frou: it’s all right, because there’s beauty in the breakdown. There’s just no way to keep up that level of training and fitness for an entire year.  I didn’t rest properly immediately following my races this year, so my cumulative fatigue was very high after 10 months of hard training. As a result, my body and mind are tired and my left knee is on the verge of injury. Besides, my dog is dying and the time I’m spending with him is priceless.

And what was I so scared of anyway?  Simple: I was afraid of getting fat.

Of course I knew my endurance would fall off and I’d have to build it back up next year. Of course I knew that my muscles wouldn’t look as toned. But I actually believed that if I stopped working out with such intensity that I would gain a bunch of weight and get fat. I was afraid of wanting to eat (and drink!) the same amount of calories without the exercise on the other end to offset it. How many calories does fear burn? Oh, the irony!

As it turns out, when I’m not working out an average of three hours a day, I’m not nearly as hungry. Who knew?? And with Greg out of town, I often just have a light salad a couple of glasses of wine and some crackers for dinner and call it good. I still work out five days a week, though the intensity isn’t as high and the distances aren’t as long. I haven’t been in the pool for about six weeks. Instead, I’m taking more strength classes at the gym, hitting more yoga and Pilates classes, and doing boot-camp-style workouts with friends I don’t normally train with during the race season. Oh, and it’s snowing in Tahoe! Bring on the cross-country skiing!

I haven’t stepped on a scale in over 18 months, so I have no idea what The Number is. But I know how my clothes fit and I know what I look like naked. Ten days into the holiday season, I’m happy to report that my skinny jeans still fit — at least so far!


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  1. Jane says:

    I love this blog Molly! Sometimes we need to shake up the routines in our lives; sometimes those routines are shaken up for us. The bottom line: variety in pretty much anything is the spice of life. And, spending as much time as you can with Argus-boy right now IS priceless!

    FYI: I haven’t been on a scale in years (except when the doctor makes me and then I try not to look!); we threw away our scale!

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