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Flat Stanley Goes On Vacation

December 26, 2010 Fun 2 Comments

I am home in California after a week in the Midwest celebrating Christmas with friends and family. I brought a special friend back with me.

Meet Flat Stanley!

My niece, Krystal McConney **, is a third-grader and her class is doing the Flat Stanley project over Christmas break. In addition to her own Flat Stanley, she invited my mom to host a Flat Stanley for awhile. I got to meet them both and we made fast friends. You may notice that Krystal’s Flat Stanley has a goatee — he’s very mature for his age!

We all agreed it would be great for Flat Stanley to see California, so now he’s on vacation with me! It was a long plane ride, but we made it.

We have a lot of adventures planned this week, so I told Flat Stanley to rest up. He’s napping with Argus now and will be ready to go soon. Oh the fun we’ll have!

** Name has been changed to protect the innocent, at her request.


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  1. krystal says:

    ha ha very funny. I am going to show this to my class when you are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jane says:

    Nice to meet you Flat Stanley! Wanna come over to meet Bodie & Nani?

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