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F is for Fail

December 31, 2010 Favorites 1 Comment

I put myself up to two big goals for the year 2010 and can only claim victory in one of them. I successfully completed a Half Ironman Triathlon. I did not write my memoir.


It’s kind of interesting. Surprisingly, I am not totally beating myself up about this. It’s not like the end of the year snuck up on me and I forgot this was hanging over my head. It’s not like I was injured or otherwise physically unable to do it. It’s not like I changed my mind about it being important. I just didn’t do it.

I thought about doing it every day and chose to do something else. That’s why I consider it a failure — because I failed to discipline myself or motivate myself or otherwise light a fire under my ass to do what I said I would do. And I’m okay with that. I am confident that I will not be struck down at midnight tonight because the year is ending with an unaccomplished goal.

Not finishing (or starting!) the project is disappointing, but it wasn’t like I was totally idle all year long… Here’s what I did do related to this goal:

  • I wrote 73 blog posts in 2010 and overcame a big fear by “going public” on my personal Facebook page.
  • I began following ~75 blogs, commenting where appropriate and otherwise “marketing” myself with other bloggers for exposure and getting ideas about how to make mine better.
  • I figured out what the fuck Twitter is and how to use it. Kind of.
  • I made an office in our guest room. It’s a place of my own where I go to research and write.
  • I read several memoirs/autobiographies to get more ideas on how to structure my own. My favorite was “Take the Cannoli” by Sarah Vowell. (Thanks Mirella!)
  • I applied for several writing jobs, clearly shifting my career focus away from marketing and down a new path. This was as much a mental shift as anything else.

So, the punch line on Big Hairy Audacious Goals is “You win some, you lose some.” The win on the triathlon was pretty big (you can read the full recap here) and I’ll suffer through the loss on the book thing.

Now, on to 2011…


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