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Cirque du Soleil (pour chiens)

December 13, 2010 Fido, Food 4 Comments

I rallied late in the day and went for a run around 3:30 PM.  As usual, I came around to the back to enter the house. For the first time EVER, Argus was sitting up on the kitchen window seat. I was delighted by this! I figured he was up there to get a different vantage point (the pesky neighbor cat has been very brave lately) along with some comfort in the cushion. I came right in and grabbed the camera to take the photo from outside.

Once inside, I made quick work. Aunt Sue had called and I wanted to chat with her about my plans to visit Kansas City this coming weekend, and Argus was pining for a walk. I went into the kitchen to fix a roadie to bring with me over to the Bay Trail. I glanced in the sink to check the turkey necks I had been thawing for Argus…

I couldn’t help but notice they weren’t exactly “intact,” as I had left them!

Apparently ol’ Argus got hungry while I was gone. He knew these bad boys were in the sink all afternoon; I had been checking them to see if they were thawed enough to break apart into individual pieces. He clearly took matter into his own paws-n-jaws for an afternoon snack.

What I cannot figure out is how he did it. Sure, he has counter-surfed before… However!! This bundle of deliciousness was IN THE SINK. I don’t think he could get to them. So, being one-legged up-front… and based on him being on the window seat (a.k.a. accomplice)… and the fact that the Ziploc bags that I had laid out were scattered… I think he managed a Cirque du Soleil kind of feat!

Three-legged dog

Onto window seat

Onto counter (not an easy jump from the window seat for a one-legged-up-front dog!)

Mama will be home soon!!


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  1. greg woods says:

    I say he did not jump up onto the counter. To tricky a move for the big guy. I’m visualizing more of a “standing on hind legs with front paw on the counter his mug in the sink” kind of raid:) A modified counter-surf maneuver…

  2. Suzie Hopkins says:

    Either way, I’m *thrilled* to hear about the initiative on his part!

  3. Jane says:

    Too, too funny. I wish you had a camera mounted in the Kitchen to have captured such a magnificent feat (pun intended)!

  4. Mom says:

    Although as a photographer I appreciate your zeal in recording all things Argus, the vivid zoom shot of raw,chewed turkey necks was over the top.

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