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Argus Update: 9 Days Post-Surgery

November 25, 2010 Fido No Comments

Every day has its ups and downs.

Some mornings, Argus is alert and ready to go outside for a walk and a big ol’ potty break that makes this mama happy (especially to see him figuring out his balance lifting a leg to pee). We come back home and I continue with my day, thinking he’s “getting back to normal.” But as the day progresses, he never gets up again. He then starts to shiver and pant. And then I start to cry.

Other days, Argus sleeps in and can’t be bothered by anyone or anything. This is depressing and just when I wonder if something is Really Wrong, he goes out and stands beside the car waiting to go for a ride. We go sniff around a favorite spot and come back home, where he starts to shiver and pant. And then I start to cry.

I just can’t figure it out. I know he’s only one week post-surgery and this surgery was obviously a big deal, but when EVERYONE talked about how “dogs just get it” and “he’ll bounce right back,” it’s hard to watch every minute pass by. Relatively speaking, sure, he’s doing a great job. But I’m with him roughly 22 out of every 24 hours and this is heartbreaking to watch in slow motion.

I think we’ve got the pain medication situation figured out. We’re giving him Tramadol in varying doses — two pills for the late afternoons and overnights and just one pill for during the day. He still takes just one Rimadyl (anti-inflammatory) twice a day in the morning and evening. I get up once during the night to give a dose of the medication and try to force more fluids. He’s more receptive to me giving water using a bike bottle and holding a small bowl underneath for the drippage.

He was really on a roll this morning and he took me for quite a walk in our neighborhood. He wouldn’t stop at the corner, and walked halfway down the next block before I made him stop and turn back. There, he got tired and had to take a rest before continuing home. On the way back, he stopped in our neighbors’ back lot and had a snack. Here are a couple of videos of the morning’s antics:

Walking quickly!



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