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43 Staples

November 20, 2010 Fido No Comments

At least I think I counted them all.

Argus has 43 staples holding that big gash together. Yesterday’s post didn’t really show the magnitude of the wound, so I thought I’d post a picture of what we’re dealing with. Sorry in advance if you don’t like this kind of stuff. The close-up shot below is somewhat graphic; consider yourself warned. I plan to post updates of the wound pretty regularly so we can watch it heal. The staples come out on November 30.

We have had much less eventful nights, which is a relief for all of us. Argus is getting around reasonably well on his own, though he doesn’t do much moving during the day. His usual MO before surgery was to spend the first part of the morning in his chair, then move out to the deck to lay in the sun for a little while before retiring to the bedroom to watch the goings-on at the front of the house. He’d start bugging me by 3 PM for an outing. Today, he only moved from the chair to the couch and back to the chair (and made his moves when I was gone).

When I got home from Book Club Thursday night, Argus was at the door to greet me. I think he forgot what he was doing for a minute because he made a running LEAP off the deck to chase the squirrels off. Thank goodness his instincts kicked in fast enough that he didn’t crash! Although I got quite a giggle from the stunt, it must have hurt and he’s been moving much more gingerly since. His walk this morning has been shaky and it’s clear he doesn’t feel good. It’s a rainy Saturday and I am content to sit with him on the couch all day.

Here’s the wound:

Day 4


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